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Get to the heart of the matter

What matter has your focus?

Is there something you are striving for, accepting of, in discord with, excited about, envisioning? What? Here’s a gentle reminder: Realize or remember that your focus on a matter is creating/manifesting an outcome. Seems so simple doesn’t it? Take a moment to get clear with yourself about how you are embracing the matter.

Now that you’ve identified what that may be, are you feeling discontent, tired of the same ol’ way you handle matters, ready to feel confident with how you show up and not beat yourself up because somehow you’ve convinced yourself that you were a total jerk? Or you’ve procrastinated once again in starting that heartfelt desire to do that very thing you don’t feel equipped to do. Is there a better way? What is here for you?

Consider this statement made by, Bill Carmody, PCC, “Inclusiveness starts with empathy.” He shared this when responding to a question in our virtual meeting with coaches from around the world.

When will you start being inclusive to yourself by honoring your ideas to get to the heart of the matter? When you consider a matter, imagine including empathy. Notice your empathy with yourself first. Self evaluations bring about your truth and working with a professional coach will uncover your blindspots. Your blindspots leave your thoughts basically in the dark. You operate in a way that serves a not so lovely side of you. Revealing this reality develops empathy for yourself. Love becomes your focus rather than strife and turmoil. Your personal development has a positive exponential impact.

What is here for you right now as you read this? Answer that for yourself. How is it that you are showing up wherever you are? Shame and guilt have a place too. Another post for another day. Only you can come up with what is right for you. When you develop into a developmental stage confident within yourself, not falsely confident, you will engaged differently encouraging others to show up in this same way. The facade that has equipped you with the “fake it until you make it” outcomes in your life has not acknowledged the internal dialogue that robs you of your genuine confidence. Why can’t you be as you are or speak out what matters to you? Another question to come to terms with.

If that describes you, what are you ready to be vulnerable with or about, and how will you embrace the truth of your most-incredible self?

How long will you wait to embrace yourself confidently, validate your own truth, grasp the reality of who you really are, and start the trend of meeting others in that way as well?

There is no need to hide something, rather, be curious. Just identify for a moment the matter, and imagine bringing it forth in word. What would you do differently? Notice the creativity that comes forth. The change that happens.

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