News Tip

If You Like To Write You Might Find A Home At The Bellevue Zone As A Volunteer Writer!

Volunteers are Needed! Help Build A GREAT Community Newspaper at The Bellevue Zone!

The Bellevue Zone is brand-new and needs someone who wants to write and get their stories published for the public's consumption. One person can't do it all.

If you'd like to write stories, share your photos for general fun and/or to build a professional portfolio to get a real job in journalism so you can earn income from writing, then you may want to write for The Bellevue Zone.

This is a volunteer role.  We are unable to pay because we are so new we've only been around about a month.

Would you like to be part of building a local news organization?

You would pick your topics to write about.  Are you a student wanting to share your life as a student? Do you have concerns about living in Bellevue? Are yo a business owner who wants to write about your company?  Do you enjoy City Council meetings?  Are you someone who enjoys going to rallies or local sports events?  Are you a pet owner who loves to take pictures of your pets and write stories about them?

Let's talk more!

Volunteers are needed and would be greatly appreciated!  Hey!  Don't you want to give this writer a night off? [smile]  This writer has three jobs!  She would like to spend more time building The Bellevue Zone.  And having three jobs is too busy for her. 

If you're interested, please let The Bellevue Zone know!

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