News in Bellevue, an important service is needed. Grow your news in Bellevue, pick up where we've left off.


Wouldn't you like to start a news org?

Bellevue needs dedicated staff that want to see local news.

It's hard work but several people working together who have daytime hours to provide in building it could make it happen.

If there is any interest in how you can grow this site and news org, let me know.  I will probably not be available to discuss this after next week, as I am needing to recover with getting my personal life back on track, from working so much every day, it just isn't working over the long haul.

Bellevue writers, social media manager types, marketers, reporters, photographers, podcasters, office support, journalists, here's your chance to build a news org here on the Eastside, near Seattle.

I hope to see this news org succeed but without community members it can't flourish how it needs to.  My hope is that someone with vision for this news org will come forward, start organizing their staff of volunteers who want to see a Bellevue news organization grow.

My update here:

I'm interested
I disagree with this
This is not local
This is unverified