HB #1769 seeks to dissolve the East Bellevue Community Council against voter's wishes


A group called One Bellevue is asking the public to tell State legislators that they oppose HB #1769 that would dissolve the East Bellevue Community Council (EBCC) and to do so quickly.

Go to this page to weigh-in on bill #1769. 

This bill seeks to get rid of the EBCC by striking language in the original state statute that allowed creation of community councils. You can read the proposed bill here.

One Bellevue questions why State representatives who do not live and serve in the East Bellevue area want to get rid of the local representation of this area of Bellevue?

The sponsors of the bill are Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, 34th District, covering West Seattle and Vashon Island; Rep. Mia Gregerson, 33rd District, covering mainly Des Moines, Kent, and SeaTac should not interfere with local city issues.

This legislative "grabbing" of the Lake Hills area of local authority will go against the 80% who voted for the EBCC.

In an email, One Bellevue outlined more reasons why this bill should be opposed.

The EBCC was established in 1969 and represents the needs and interests of this diverse community and the State must honor RCW 35.14.

RCW 35.14 allows voters to eliminate community councils if they wish. Voter's have kept voting to keep the EBCC.

The Lake Hills area which is the majority of the EBCC jurisdiction, contains Bellevue's more diverse population where 21% of the population lives in subsidized housing. This population is best served by the local council in order to not fade into the background, becoming marginalized in Bellevue if they lose their representation.

The EBCC is East Bellevue's final authority on Land Use and Zoning decisions.

East Bellevue should be represented locally and not be eliminated by State representatives who are not local to the area.

EBCC has not been shown to negatively impact the rest of Bellevue's programs, policies and resources.

Your voice can make a difference in protecting the will of the people and preserving the East Bellevue Community Council.

Go to this page to oppose bill #1769. 

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