Light snow possibly today - then it lightens up through the holiday weekend.


Image of Traffic Map Courtesy of City of Bellevue website

Another round of snow will arrive this morning but it's not going to get deep.  At least if that can be believed from weather forecasts, such as Weather Underground at 11:30pm Wednesday night as this article is being written.  We may only get less than 1-inch of snowfall in Bellevue.  Another report is we'll get rain but no snow today.  The Weather Channel says snow will come back for a day or two the beginning of next week, and even that will be a rain/snow shower and not really snow.

High's today will be 35-degrees.  Bundle up if you go outside.  Have yourself some hot coffee or tea, a hot beverage to carry with you in the chill of these temperatures and keep smiling.  We are going to get through this cold, unpredictable and changing weather.  We always do, don't we?  

Hopefully most of you readers will want to keep safe by driving more carefully and watch for pedestrians who can't get out of the way of traffic as quickly in this kind of weather!  Don't fight for a parking spot, and let's not have people honking their horns in anger; remember this is a more challenging time of year, and many people are getting sick with COVID.  Take a breath, instead.

Let's spread some good cheer to keep a happy spirit all around us!  Help your neighbor's keep their sidewalks clear and maybe help more vulnerable people through the cold winter.  During these times of COVID and the cold, showing kindness to others is needed now more than ever!

Be aware of what's around you:  before you go out to your car, check out the live cams around Bellevue and see what's up around the streets in your neighborhood.  Maybe you will avoid any potential accidents and drive another way if you see a  traffic slow down in your neighborhood.

To help others in your neighborhood you can get on Nextdoor and go to the Offer Help page.  It has a map that shows approximate locations of where people live who want to help their neighbors do things like pick up groceries, check on people, or walk your dogs.

Enjoy the day and have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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