Focus for peace within


When you think of leading by example, what comes to you? For me, it causes me to feel a bit of stress for the responsibility involved. Suddenly there is this expectation of myself to be a certain way. Somehow, I think I need to do whatever I am doing, the right way. Frankly, we may never do anything the right way because somehow, we will offend someone, or someone will offend us. It is just a given; No matter how hard you try to live peacefully, something will happen that causes a stressful situation. So how do you deal? Overcoming thoughts like these takes time to identify what is causing them.

Remembering back when I was a few classes into my coach training, I had an experience that now shapes how I approach when I am feeling a bit of stress. I was in front of about thirty cohorts being coached by one of the instructors. She asked me who my leader within is. At this point we were all learning about this concept that we all have a leader within guiding our better choices and a Saboteur tempting us to believe we are not up to par for anything. In this moment I was feeling extremely vulnerable. I did not want to share who my leader within was for fear of judgement from others.

A few more questions were asked of me, and I hardly heard them. Within minutes I blurted out that I wanted to answer her question about who my leader within is. My Leader within got the best of me! I had the courage to share that my leader within is Jesus. At this point, I have no idea that what I have come up with as my leader within even makes sense to what they are teaching us. As much as I was feeling turmoil in my heart whether to reveal or not to reveal, what was revealed to me led me to speak out confidently about my beliefs and is an outstanding example of how we discover what is right for us and wrong for us. I am marveling in this moment of how this unfolded.

Think about it: I was experiencing fear and my leader within took over and confidence appeared.

What came from that experience is beyond belief. And here is why this is so important. When we acknowledge that we even have a leader within, our leader is at bat for us. I was led to speak confidently. The feeling of unease was me holding back my truth. My focus became so fixated on what was true for me, I could no longer stand the agitation and was compelled to speak. This brings us peace within. We acknowledge a higher power. There is wonder and acceptance beyond explanation.

So, focusing on peace is great and yet having faith and genuinely believing that there is a way to lead beyond even comprehension, you will come to know how to conduct yourself in such a way that you are compelled to be. Knowing your leader within will steer you in the right direction alleviates a lot of stress. It allows freedom within and your view of the landscape allowing others the same freedom to create and contribute. The right and the wrong become obvious to each individual and it is expressed.

In any given moment when you are triggered with stress, learn to STOP. Just PAUSE in the moment. Collect yourself. Have people wait for you to regroup. Be consciously aware of how you want to respond in the moment. So often, I am quick to speak. Not this time though. So, what was it that had me so tied? Fear. Fear of judgement. Are you noticing something for yourself here? What I found out about myself after going through this turmoil, is what changed how I show up now. So many of my cohorts came to me with their own experience because of what I shared. I was amazed at how many people resonated with my belief and their encouragement was heartwarming.

When we share our own hardships and journey through life, others become aware of their own insecurities. There is a feeling of permission that permeates the environment allowing others to explore within what may be suppressing their own lead on something important, instead they withhold themselves creating unpleasant environments. The energy field in the environment becomes toxic because it reflects everyone showing up reserved rather than with vitality and confidence to be the wonderful little person they are.

What holds your attention? Notice what the turmoil is for you. There is a way to overcome. I can honestly say that I am deeply grateful for the blessings that have shaped me. For all the hardships I have experienced, what has always stayed true is my belief about my Leader within! And that relationship is indescribable and points me to the next step. What I love about feeling vulnerable now is the will to be as I am in the moment fixated on my leader within for the sake of my security. There is nothing I have found to be more soothing than my mind focused on what my Leader within says is true. Because I have read so much about who my Leader is, my faith in my Leader grounds me with peace. Moments can feel arduous, and the practice of clinging to what your Leader within says will be that which encourages you to lead with unconditional love to self and with others. May peace permeate your holidays and celebrations.

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