Garden d’Lights was stunningly beautiful and bright


Photo: TBZ

Trying to get tickets to see the Garden d’Lights at the Botanical Garden in Bellevue is next to impossible until Christmas Day.

Tickets are only $5 for ages 11 up to adults, with ages 10 and under get in free.  You must purchase your tickets online at the site and choose whatever available times they have left to choose from on their calendar.  Every slot from Monday evening was full until December 25th.   The reservation link reserves only so many slots for each hour to walk through the light show from 4:30pm until 8:30pm each night.

This video shows how packed the Garden d'Lights show is.  Driving by the Botanical Garden's two neighboring parking lots shows that this event is completely full of sightseers of the beautiful lights.  The two neighboring parking lots are being used as overflow parking due to the Botanical Garden parking lot looking extremely full with a Bellevue police car at the entrance with it's top flashing lights on, making sure things go as they should at the entrance of the parking lot.

The Bellevue Zone took a drive by the Botanical Garden to get some video of the Garden d'Lights show because there were no tickets available Monday night.

The video starts with a short video of inside the Factoria Mall where everyone looked mask compliant, then goes to the Garden d'Lights and then through downtown Bellevue looking at the Christmas lights, a fender-bender in the middle of the road, a few police officers directing traffic smack in the middle of downtown, and how it's so congested right now in downtown Bellevue that you may want to avoid it during the evenings to avoid being stuck in all the traffic.

If you want to see the lights at Botanical Garden, go to the site and register by the last day of the show that is on December 31, 2021. 

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