Fear to Faith


Have you considered turning your fear to faith? For me, it took years to study and learn about what that means to me. Through that inquiry and years of studying, always applying what was important to me, is what shaped me. And this kind of action or inaction is what shapes all of us. So, what are you learning about yourself and those around you?

What miraculous truths are you abiding in? How curious are you about your family and neighbors and fellow co-workers? Did you know that when you come to honor your truth it truly does set you free? It is certainly what I can attest is true. I do feel freedom within. I still come to a place where I notice my mind wants to go to a negative mode of thoughts though. Over time, you will learn though how important it is to get truly clear about how those thoughts do not serve you. And sometime what feels negative needs evaluated. I pay attention. I get really clear about what is causing the feelings I am experiencing because that is where and when discernment, and decisions I make are made and like I said, truth shines through.

Choice becomes what you create your reality to be. So, take time to wrestle with your thoughts and get really clear about what is important. This my friend is your core values shining through. This is where you stand for YES or stand for NO. And a leap of faith is what I take, and stand firm in. That means knowing that whatever decision I make, that in my heart it is what I genuinely believe is in my heart to do. I make that move, have that conversation, start a new way, ask for help, start inquiry, whatever it is, and a new seed begins to germinate and soon is blossoming.

So, be patient. Take a deep breath and find a coach or inspiration through a workbook or podcast. But do something that keeps you focused on what you CAN do. Not what you CAN’T do. Being well means that you are in control of YOU! Pay attention to what you are about and centered in that moving about with vibrancy, exuding confidence, and embracing all of you wherever you go. No comparing other than to embrace each other’s uniqueness.

Notice what you see centered in who YOU are. It helps you stay calm and with your ultimate self-engaged. This noticing is discernment rather than judgement. May your anxiety become A Noticing of eXtraordinary Insecurity Expressing Thoughts of Yourself. Get really clear about how your thoughts may not be your truth at all. And how they may be unnecessarily causing you anxiety. I used to tell myself I am not good enough all the time. Do you suppose that would cause anxious feelings? Indeed! And knowing to check in with that and remember, “Oh yes, I am good enough!” without being prideful, simply mindful.

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