Balanced approach


Are you caught up in too many commitments again? It may be time to check in with yourself. When we clarify our values and approach everything honoring our values, how we spend our time changes. Creating a balanced schedule is possible.

Here is a useful exercise that will help you evaluate where you may want to make changes. With one activity in mind, answer the questions in order without hesitation. Review your answers at the end trusting the process.

Describe what balance means for you?

Define balance with three words.




Choose one word from the three.


What about this word is important to you?

What if anything would you like to change?

Using the one word you chose. Place it in a sentence that describes how you will feel once you honor the change you want to make.

When will you commit?

What is one thing you envision will be a result of your efforts?

What do you notice in anticipation about your change about to happen?

Did your values shine through? How so?

Next time you are in a quandary about deciding, check in with your values and honor what is important to you. You will always be pointed in the right direction.

Values over Actions create Balance!

What did you discover by going through this process? Were you surprised at what you came up with? What did you notice about yourself in anticipation of imagining what will be different? I would love to hear your comments.

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