The Recall Inslee group aims to get the recall ballot initiative on the 2022 ballot. Here's the update.


C Davis in front of Recall Inslee sign | Used with permission

Many people going without income are angry at Gov. Jay Inslee who they think has gone over the limits of his power and has keep the state in crisis for far too long.

They are fighting back against the mandated vaccinations and are not going to get boosters either.

A group has formed to recall Gov. Inslee and are awaiting to hear results of their brief in the Supreme Court.  The AG will be responding to it.

TBZ learned what the group has been up to in this interview of C Davis, the main speaker and organizer of Washingtonians to Recall Inslee, their website is: and their public Facebook group is Washingtonians to Recall Inslee.

Due to YouTube minimizing TBZ's ability to upload videos over 15 minutes long the interview is broken into four parts below. 

The full uninterrupted version of the interview is posted at this link:  The Bellevue Zone -

C Davis Interview - Part 1 YouTube

C Davis Interview - Part 2 YouTube

C David Interview - Part 3 YouTube

C Davis Interview - Part 4 YouTube

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