MicroSoft Teams challenges the Zoom user community to make the switch



With the pandemic forcing many businesses to be forced to use video chats to conduct their business, more often than not they have used Zoom invites to set up video chats.

The cost of Zoom is not user-friendly to single user households who find alternative ways to video chat with their friends and families such as the phone app called Google Duo.

But Zoom users who may want to stay with Zoom are about to face challenging budget-friendly competition in Microsoft Teams Essentials.

Microsoft Teams Essentials offers users unlimited group meetings for $4 per user/month.  That is in stark contrast to Zoom's $14.99 per user/month at their "entry level" price.

The standalone version of Microsoft Teams Essentials provides unlimited group meetings with 300 participants that can last as long as 30 hours each.  It sounds like a deal for those marathon meetings that seem to be so popular for Americans and others shopping online for brochure brides then seeking travel agencies to hook them up in one fell swoop.  Those companies can do this in 30 hours - no sweat.  Well, the possibility is there at least.  

The new standalone version of Teams by Microsoft will soon outpace Zoom.

Source: GeekWire

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