Empowered and directed


Going through the motions of your day, you may be honoring a routine which is helpful in keeping you organized, efficient with time, and taking care of responsibilities. How often though are you consciously aware of your choices? When we become more aware of ourselves, our values are likely to be honored empowering and directing significant outcomes.

On the contrary when we are feeling dreadful and burnt out, we are not honoring what we truly value. If you let this continue, eventually you will come to an alarming halt and there is no struggle. You are just done. You have driven yourself to a place that feels no right or wrong and you are not feeling so well. That is the time when an evaluation for yourself is in order. You may even need professional help. It is time to stop yourself from this mindset and get in tune with you. Notice I said, “in tune”? Like a piano or any instrument out of tune – they do not sound very well. So, neither do you. Get yourself back in harmony. Identifying with what is driving you to feel such a way will be the second step leading you to what matters and what you want to do about it.

I remember hearing at one time that we should do something hard every day. When you are already engaged in hard circumstances, it is not always easy to hear those words and frankly you may want to run as far away from anyone suggesting that. You see, when we are engaged with what our heart is revealing to us, the effort we make to accomplish it will seem hard. And the difference is that you will want to attempt what seems hard.

By now you have played out scenarios in your mind when you've experienced hardship. What came out of your hardship for you? Did you improve something for yourself, or someone else? Did it cause destruction for you or others? Either case, what did you learn, and how will you apply that lesson to accomplish something else, or avoid destruction once again?

What are you doing to honor what is important to you? How about those you are in relationship with? Have you given in to activities, distractions or other's ideals leading you astray and now you notice you’ve stopped honoring the core of who you are? Take time for yourself to name the areas of your life that are not right for you. Once you have identified these you will begin creating new pathways.

Move in the direction that stimulates your core desires and notice the joy that consumes you. Notice the people you are with and your own harmony now budding. Encourage each other and embrace each other to overcome hardship. Encourage complainers to do some self-reflection and remind them that when they are focused on what others are doing, they are not practicing self-management. We can only control ourselves and encourage others to learn how to do the same. Living empowered and directed requires us to be consciously aware at all times.

Susan Husa | Animate Life Coaching | www.animatelifecoaching.com

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