My thoughts about Washingtonians losing their jobs was deleted by YouTube with a warning.


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We need our First Amendment rights restored.

Many people are tired of being censored on social media with their accounts being suspended, deleted, or by being unable to post to their social media accounts for several days or weeks for these private high-tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook.  

We get  shadow-banned and throttled with algorithms and "fact-checkers" who work for those companies whose social agendas coincide with their political views.  It is the cancel culture at work.  Often we do not know why there's been a "breach in their community standards" which are not clear.  They rule the messages out there with little ability to oppose their major media mob.

Creators of social media "self-censor" by avoiding certain words and views.  They already know the consequences of their normal free speech rights but they have gone outside of the lines according to the private companies who control our online social speech.

We feel surveilled when what we talk about gets a stream of ads in alignment with what we were talking about in the privacy of our homes with friends or loved ones.  Their fact checkers seem to come from the legacy media.  They cover our posts with images asking if we really want to see the content they are covering who "fact checkers" have determined contain false information.  If we don't buy in to "wokeism" we are considered to be "racist" or other slurs are used against us.

It is private companies now interfering with our free speech in accordance with what government agencies support and even demand in political partnerships that are going on.  We may not see this explicitly but we know it's going on by the way our government in large part support what major media and the big tech social media companies are doing to us; suppressing free speech.

In the era of social media we have to find platforms that restore our communication back to normal freedom of speech where opinions can be debated, where there are more than one side to every issue, where everyone is welcomed, where our voices are inclusive, not divided.  And not censored.

A case in point: when I learned that many Washingtonians were going to lose their jobs on October 18th, I made a rambling video I posted on YouTube.  It was removed with a message that I was being warned this time, but next time it might be a strike against me.

Here is that video from back in October found on Rumble where I start to talk about homelessness but end up talking about the vaccine mandates imposed by Gov. Jay Inslee:

To my mind, I was not doing anything wrong, was not promoting violence, racism or White Supremacy.  it seems ridiculous now that such a video would be so threatening as to try and intimidate me from expressing true feelings about what was happening.  We cannot be free thinkers in this country if we continue to tolerate this behavior from the big media and high tech companies that want all of our opinions to align with their point-of-view.

It won't work, there are too many of us who feel differently and don't want to be suppressed.  We need to speak up now while the censoring is happening and push back on companies that want to censor our free speech.

This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, who gave their lives for this country and for our freedoms and liberties.  Let's keep it that way.

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