A call for people speaking English-as-a-second-language! We want to welcome you and know what your group is doing!



¡Bienvenido y comparte lo que hace tu grupo con The Bellevue Zone!


huān yíng bìng fēn xiǎng nín de tuán duì zài bèi ěr wéi yóu qū suǒ zuò de gōng zuò!

Добро пожаловать и поделитесь тем, что делает ваша группа с The Bellevue Zone!

dobro pozhalovat yi podelites tem, chto delaet vasha grupp s The Bellevue Zone!


yokosou 、 anata no group ga belview zone de nani wo suru no ka wo kyoyuu shi te kudasai !

आपका स्वागत है और साझा करें कि आपका समूह बेलेव्यू जोन के साथ क्या करता है!

aapka swagat hai or sajha karen ki aapka samooh belevue john ke saath kya karta hai!

ברוכים הבאים ולשתף מה הקבוצה שלך עושה עם אזור Bellevue!

bruchim habaim welshtef ma hackavutsa schelch does am azor Bellevue!

Hello valued TBZ readers:

We invite those who speak English as a second language to be a part of The Bellevue Zone's Community pages!  If your language is not above please add your language to our stories we want to do about community groups in the Bellevue area.

If you, your company or an organization knows of a group that speaks languages other than English, please get in touch with us at The Bellevue Zone!  Send us an email.  

We'd love to learn more about your groups and what you are interested in, what you do, what you're about to do stories about those things and maybe get some regular writers reporting to The Bellevue Zone on what your group does.

We would like to do spotlight stories about the community groups in our area who speak English as a second language.  You have an opportunity to tell Bellevue residents about your group who may not know about your group!

We use google translate in order to translate your messages into English beneath your stories, so please don't be shy!  

We know there are those who speak Chinese, Russian, East Indian, Spanish, and other languages out there.   We know there are people who's first language is not English found at Bellevue College, North and South Bellevue Community Centers, HopeLink as well as other businesses out there.  Please let's hear from you!

Did you know that if you subscribe to The Bellevue Zone, you can post Events on the Events Calendar as well as post an article, or some kind of announcement, by clicking the Community page tab and writing and publishing it yourself?  You can do that now by subscribing.

But to get a "front page story" please contact us because the Community page tab won't be a front page story but will be in the newsletter sent out every day, Monday - Saturday.  You are invited to contact us regularly with stories and topics your group is interested in to get published on the front page of The Bellevue Zone.

Please share this link with your social media pages and with companies and people who you think might benefit from this message!  We are trying to build community and those who want their group's community news shared will get their articles published here!

During the season of the holidays it is especially nice  to bring community groups together: those who speak English with those who don't speak English as their first language to learn more from each other.  We welcome your group's news and events and are looking forward to it!  

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