Bellevue mid-bi budget meeting directed an ordinance to increase affordable housing be brought back for review in December


Image: City of Bellevue Mid-Biennium Public Hearing youtube video

The mid-biennium budget meets half-way through the two-year budget cycle in order that adjustments can be made where needed.

The public meeting was attended by speakers concerned with getting additional funding for environmental and Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) according to City of Bellevue's news release.  Climate change and increasing staffing for the Environmental Stewardship Plan (ESP) and more staff being needed was the topic most presented during the public hearing on November 15th.  

Many residents expressed that in order to reach the city's goal of cutting green house gas emissions by 50% in 2050, more funding was needed.  Residents expressed their fear and concerns for future generation's health and the overall environmental health of Bellevue.

The tree giveaways were not enough with only half the needed trees being planted according to one resident calling for the city to "step up" to reach the tree canopy goals by 2050.

Other topics brought to the Council included: the East Main Land Use Code Amendment (LUCA)  that should not be pushed to the developer  agreement that would increase costs but be included in the base LUCA. The LUCA increases housing options, including affordable housing.

The Northeast Bellevue Great Neighborhoods Program brought speakers concerned with their neighborhood feedback and recommendations being moved to a city wide plan that has no timeline or clear plan where the same information would have to be provided at city level.  

Another concern regarding the Great Neighborhoods Program was that Northeast Bellevue residents wanted key points presented to a follow up meeting that safety has only been taken up by the transportation department but yet safety takes many forms and should be further discussed before adoption of the plan.

A MicroSoft representative supported the City's eastside roundtable's recommendations for the east main land use code amendment and rezoning of the 60 acres located across the from the new light rail station that provides an opportunity to be maximized.  It supports "little income", affordable housing.

The video of the meeting can be watched online.

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