Command Your Agenda


Have you ever thought about commanding your agenda like commanding Alexa to add items to your grocery list? What would you command? How would you speak your words? Let us take this a step further. Imagine those commands directed at you. What do they sound like? Are they demanding? Take a moment to reflect on how you would speak to yourself when commanding what you will do next.

Writing down ideas may be helpful for decision – making and useful for reminders. But what about the daily demands? Imagine speaking aloud what you do each day. What would it sound like? Is what you are speaking even important? How so? Now notice for a moment how often you redirect your focus to something else in one day. What would happen if you conducted all you do in this manner? What is your daily agenda like now?

Being aware of what you place on your agenda is the first step in exploring how you may want to change it for a more productive and meaningful way. However you contemplate or activate your agenda; how you spend your time – what do you command attention to? How often are you truly honoring what you are about and honoring what you say is important?

It is easy to get caught up in thoughts about what you should be doing rather than what you want to be doing. It also takes time to gain clarity on what it is that you genuinely want. It is normal for developing minds to look to others for inspiration. In fact, never stop being inspired by others. What is most satisfying is exploring what is important to you. From there is when confidence will meet you. Right where you say you want to be.

The confident way is not trying to impress anyone, impress upon oneself how important it is to honor yourself. This concept is not one that is grasped at an early stage in adulthood unless you have been conditioned to think this way. Developmentally learn to honor what is important to you. Miraculously a new way blossoms. Peace becomes more prevalent in making choices matching your values. It becomes easier to stay clear-headed and be with what is.

So next time you think about what you are going to be doing, remember to be aware of what is important to you. Being consciously aware, as if you were commanding your agenda aloud, will place the important ideas on your agenda. What you verbalize is most important will create your agenda. You will feel settled. Being engaged with respect for yourself will be that which you show and give to others. What will you command today?

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