Susan Husa, Life Coach, writes 'Coach's Corner' every Wednesday and wants to "Get to the heart of what matters!"


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The Bellevue Zone welcomes new writer and Life Coach, Susan Husa, to the family!  Look for her wisdom and encouragement every Wednesday. This week she answers questions from TBZ.

TBZ:  You are a life coach. Tell me what that is and what a life coach does.

    As a trained professional coach, my skills are designed to facilitate an individual’s internal perspective for the sake of their growth and well-being. Through inquiry and self-management, a coach provides a space for an individual to explore their thoughts around a topic. A coach points the individual to themselves. This brings forth the individuals capacity to see themselves in how they are responding to their external circumstances. Thus providing the individual to realize that they are the one that decides how they will conduct themselves, respond to circumstances beyond their control, and be aware of the thoughts that are either robbing them of joy or enhancing who they truly are.

    TBZ:  You have a blog that says when you invest in yourself you live your life out fully. What do you mean by this?

      When we invest time and inquiry in ourselves, we learn who we are. The learning about ourselves defines who we say we are. From there an individual will go forth honoring their values in everything they do. They will move toward the thoughts that serve them rather than those that are destructive. In this moment, one is living fully in their true self.

      TBZ:  Why did you name your company "Animate Life Coaching"?

        Animate means to bring fully to life. Any questions?

        TBZ:  What are some things you help people with, do you have a specialty area or type of person you work with? How do you work with people?

          I help people with grief, seeing how they put things off that they love because the thoughts they believe do not allow themselves to take a step, I have helped clients come to know what the most important action step is when they are bombarded with so many facets of life weighing them down, I help people claim who they are and they realize how much they have given others permission to “rule over them”, I help people help people be confident with what they think about and how they want to contribute in this world, I help them unwind from living in stressful circumstances where they feel there is no way out, in one session we can conquer this horrible mindset, I help people uncover what truly is important to them, some people don’t know how to get to the heart of who they are, I can think of many ways in which I have helped hundreds of people overcome, frankly, it is sad how many people are going around without giving reverence to their truth, and furthermore, helping people come to know where their truth comes from. Many have not even considered their truth comes from anywhere other than what they have been told. So an internal view is where we go in sessions. I work with individuals on the phone, through video conferencing, on walks and for clients that I know well, we sit on my boat and have sessions.

          TBZ:  How long have you been doing this business? What are you wanting to achieve with your business?

            I’ve now been in practice for just over two years and what I want to achieve in my business is a way for individuals to come to know themselves so that they may give way to what is important to them and by respecting themselves, they will in turn know how to respect others and help them do the same just by being from a respectful place themselves. The exponential impact is what brings me joy. Knowing that through my practice, others will become healthy and be able to nourish themselves and it simply falls on all those around them.

            TBZ:  What experience, talents or gifts do you bring to your business?

              Life experiences play a huge part in my role. From my own prior turmoil, there is a capacity of compassion and longing for others to be well. My talents of kindness and love, gift of encouragement bring forth the essence of how I show up in each session. I don’t relate to my clients, I help them relate to themselves. When I am telling my client that I get what they are going through then I am not coaching. So self-management is key when coaching. Helping the client see themselves. It’s beautiful work. I marvel.

              TBZ:  Where did you grow up? Do you care to share about your family, previous work?

                I grew up in Eastern Washington and I’m still growing up! I am the fifth child of nine. The family dynamics were interesting and what has shaped me in being respectful to others. Our family cares for one another. My husband and I have two grown adult children; a son and a daughter. They are both thriving as adults. It was my dream to be a stay at home mom and I am fortunate to have had that opportunity up until our daughter was in high school. Our son was already off to college. I worked at the local Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center and from that experience realized that my focus on people and community had a different twist. I wanted to help the individuals that consider themselves leaders in business, community and in their homes. Prior to the chamber and as a stay at home mom, I had a vision of starting a professional networking opportunity for moms just like I had when working in an industry within my profession. So Moms of Snoqualmie Valley formed providing a place for moms to mingle, meet with local government officials, local business owners and professional speakers. I wanted moms to see themselves as professionals and leaders in their community so meeting other leaders and people that were influencing their environment was important to me. Carrying that out a bit further, prior to having my own family, I worked with a group of trainers and consultants in management development. That is where a great amount of my time was spent learning about personal and professional development. We helped organizations with process improvement which contributes to my way of thinking today.

                TBZ:  You said you have a boat that clients can do a session with you on, tell me about that.

                  My husband and I have a yacht. We are thankful for this provision and I figured, why not share this lovely place with clients for the sake of a wonderful place to be contemplative in.

                  TBZ:   What made you want to write your "Coaches Corner" on The Bellevue Zone? What are you hoping to get from this experience with TBZ?

                  I’ve always been drawn to writing and started a blog years ago. I’ve never been confident with my writing until learning now what I preach – what opinion matters? Well, my own. And how it lands on others is their business. If I am coming from a place of my truth with a loving stance then I can be confident that what I express may be of help to someone else. Gifts of Wisdom.

                  Thank you for your inquiries!

                  Susan Husa

                  Leadership Coach | Business | Community | Family

                  Get to the heart of what matters!

                  Animate Life Coaching 

                  Thanks so much for your wonderful energy, encouragement, and enthusiasm around my achievement of this milestone in my voiceover journey. - Samantha Peller

                  Thank you again for coaching me through passion, joy, tears, inner peace and love. - Karen A. Scott, Certified Wholistic Health and Purpose Development Coach, CWHC, CPDC
                  Instagram: @coachkarenscott

                  In addition to being empathic, kind, and an excellent listener, Susan has the unerring ability to go straight to the heart of what's really going on, challenge my limiting beliefs, and get me un-stuck, no matter what's holding me back. - Adrienne MacIain That's Aloud

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