C Davis talks to TBZ about the Washingtonians to Recall Inslee group and affidavits being requested from the public


Photo: C Davis, organizer of Washingtonians to Recall Inslee | TBZ

In a Zoom interview Sunday with C Davis, organizer of the Washingtonians to Recall Inslee group, he shares how affidavits by Washingtonians are being sought from the public that describe how they've been harmed by the governor's vaccination mandates.

Affidavits will be key in a supreme court case to recall Governor Jay Inslee.  Found on the group's website, first-person accounts of how people have become harmed by the vaccination mandates will be key.  As part of the group's strategy, their attorney will review and use them in the recall effort.

The interview describing what the group is doing, how it was formed and why, was videotaped and has been edited down to the time-constraint of YouTube which is 15 minutes.  Here are the questions TBZ asked C Davis.  The video can be seen at the bottom of the page or by going to YouTube:

Intro question: Please introduce yourself and tell us about your group and what the group is doing.

2nd question: Talk about affidavits your group is requesting from the public, from those who feel they've been harmed by Gov. Jay Inslee's vaccination mandate.

3rd question: Where can people find the affidavit forms?

4th question: When will signatures be gathered for the recall?

5th question: Is there a cutoff time to gather the affidavits from people?

6th question: Is there anything else you would like people to know?

7th segment: C discusses how people from Inslee's base are joining the recall effort. He said he thinks there is a good chance of recalling Inslee "as long as we hold together" because there is safety in numbers, and that's why the group is non-partisan.

He said a lot of health care workers, state workers and teachers have joined the recall effort who have been "Inslee's base."

C Davis about Gov. Jay Inslee: "He's thrown his own people under the bus where they're joining us."

The group website is: RecallInslee.com
The group on Facebook is: Washingtonians to Recall Inslee with around 43,000 members

Link to video

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