From the editor of The Bellevue Zone: TBZ supports community opinions but will not be used to continue harassment.

When there is a history of harassment going on in the community where legal documents show there has been legal issues going on against one person, The Bellevue Zone will not tolerate or be used as a tool for further harassment of the person or anyone else.  When it becomes known that these issues are continuing on TBZ and are an ongoing legal issue, TBZ reserves the right to delete comments or articles that it deems to be continuing legal battles where one person keeps harassing people or a person.

Opinions submitted by the community will be published, but TBZ reserves the right, where there are documents to prove the harassment continues against a person, or it becomes obvious to the general public and for reasons of continuing civilized conduct that an online news publication should be expected to have, harassment or other forms of abuse will not be tolerated and TBZ will delete the user's content and go so far as to ban the user.

Let it be known that TBZ does not take a side when it comes to a person's opinions, views, and  beliefs because we may be the only news publication that allows all sides of an issue to be expressed.  We want to preserve our right to free speech under the First Amendment, and for all.  We do not censure unless it entails inciting violence or damages against a person or property.  Comments will be removed, opinions will not be published, users will be banned if we see fit from the written conduct being expressed or other items we become informed about.  

We want to preserve free speech for everyone in a civilized way.  "Keep Bellevue Wonderful" is my motto and as editor, publisher and founder of The Bellevue Zone, we will not tolerate behaviors that abuses our publication or verbally continues abusing someone, using TBZ as a tool to harass or cyberbully other people.  More issues may be added to the list as time goes on.  

As editor I will continue to edit as I see fit in hopes of making TBZ a great place to write your opinions and the local news and that people can find TBZ as a free and safe place to express what is important to them.  I hope you will join me in preserving freedom of expression for all residents and visitors in Bellevue, and on and around the Eastside.  Thank you.

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