Gifts of wisdom


Gifts of Wisdom

Do you ever find yourself captivated by brilliant thoughts? I don’t know about you, but for me, they are present at the most inopportune times to record them. Seems I am always in the shower! My thoughts are like the water rushing from the shower head. They just pour over me and if each drop were a letter on a manual typewriter, which would about sum up my experience. And those messages seep through my scalp like liquid flowing through a colander and flood my heart. The urge to type these ideas out leaves me in a quandary. Should I stay or should I go? In a split-second fear strikes me and I am almost convinced that the thoughts will never come again. In the moment though, my fear cast aside, and these brilliant ideas take root. Compelling and important – I call them gifts of Wisdom.

How about you? Do you experience this? May I encourage you to believe, these gifts of Wisdom captured in your heart; you will remember them. Finish your shower! The last thing we need is a leader walking around that does not smell so good and neither do their thoughts. Noticing the thoughts, ask yourself, what about these thoughts makes sense to me?

Have you ever heard about people that write in the middle of the night because they are so concerned that they will lose the thoughts and ideas pouring in? Is that you? I have fell for that, and for me it was a sprint to record the download I had received. At one time it was a vision that after a few years later came to fruition. I get that. What I would like to suggest instead though is this: Stay intimately involved with your thoughts for the moment. Listen. Be curious. Acknowledge. Then accept the wisdom imparted which at one point becomes your practice, and your words you use to create with. Solidify the thoughts for yourself first. Then they will become that which you express later.

We are not going to get too philosophical here, yet for me, I trust thoughts are from my Leader within and from the tempter trying to push me into the abyss of self-destructive or offensive thoughts. When you learn to trust your Leader within, you will be guided in constructive ways which will contribute to others feeling safe to explore their thoughts and come to know the truth of their own matters. Where do your thoughts come from?

Uniquely designed, you and your thoughts matter. Knowing which thoughts to abide in and act on may not always be clear. Coming to know what the true essence of unconditional love is will help you be clear. Leading in your home, community or business begins with identifying with the thoughts that you decide will be most beneficial. How do you decipher which thoughts to cash in and which to toss? Pay attention to what makes the most sense to you first. Is what you envision saying from love or frustration? How can you approach the idea differently? You may not always make the best choice, and your attempt will be the experiment. Practicing life, and as with anything, actions create consequences so be mindful of your thoughts before you speak or act.

When we pay attention to what makes sense to us first, we begin by confirming our own truth first. Right, wrong, or indifferent, your thought manifesting into an action is the starting point. What is your body doing with the thought? Being clear about why, what you are about to do, or say, matters. Being clear solidifies your quest to deliver your thoughts into words or actions. Creating in that moment, something hopefully, worthwhile. So, if you are familiar with the words, and you trust that they are those that you honor according to your values, then boom! You are golden.

When our thoughts are golden – my words for describing something worthwhile for the sake of my point, be aware of what is motivating you. What is the reason or purpose of your attempt? Who are your actions for? How are your actions affecting your children, your community, and the environment in which you are leading? What about for you? Is the intimacy of your thoughts supplying insights for creating collaborative and fair environments subjected to your leadership? How so?

Be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and with all intentions of bringing forth the nuances of those you are charged to lead, and for the sake of them leading in their unique ability.

Leadership starts from within. Acknowledging your inner Leader forms the richness of a nurturing mental state. Staying steadfast and secure in this mindset is the key for navigating life. In summary, may I suggest that you stay intimate in the shower or wherever you are when receiving thoughts. Trust the golden nuggets of knowledge for your actions. Discard those that tempt you in ways that cause destruction. The actions you take may be misconstrued by others and received in the wrong way.

Create an environment where questions are encouraged. What tone are you using to ask for feedback? Be curious about questions. What if you said, “I would love to hear your thoughts for the sake of clarity, making what we are building together a cohesive consortium of brilliant minds coming together for the sake of creativity and our mission” Or, “What are your thoughts about these ideas? What are your thoughts about creating something that will work for us all? Is there anything missing for you?”

Teach that questions supply clarity, induce creativity, and ideas are welcome and matter. Teach that curiosity rather than a right answer is how involvement begets healthy contributors. Teach how when we notice what someone is thinking may be the special piece of the puzzle needed as an identifying factor for a significant outcome.

Getting to the heart of the matter requires selection of thoughts as they unfold from either the destructive thoughts or those of constructive wisdom. Making sense of the collective dialogue and internal dialogue for groups is essential. Inform that quiet space has its purpose in meetings and is for thoughts to be considered before speaking ideas into the group. Be also mindful of those that need time to think ideas through and welcome comments later in a quick meeting or email.

Be mindful of your thoughts. Accept them as gifts which lead you to truths and stay grounded in what your leader within has given you as an assignment. Be mindful of others leading with their own unique gifting as well. We are all here to serve one another in our own unique ways. Be mindful of the wisdom you receive for your own enjoyment and mindful of those that are receiving gifts of wisdom as well.

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