COVID-19 news: twenty-two months in and we have a booster shot for children


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Three quarters of Washington state have now been vaccinated, according to The Seattle Times who reports that the COVID vaccines became available ten months ago.  So what does this mean for King County?

Already 363,000 more Washingtonians have received the third vaccination or a booster shot.  Will the same group of people being mandated to become "fully vaccinated" with the first two vaccinations be required to get another vaccination or booster shot?  This is unclear at this point.

There are already booster shots as well as third vaccine shots being made available.  It is expected that nationally we will hear about vaccinations being given to children.  Many millions of Americans will  have the chance to become vaccinated. Heading into the winter brings more vaccination certificates at most restaurants and bars and other stores in Washington.

It is reported that 316,000 new doses for children ages 5 to 11 years old will be received by Washington state by end-of-week pending "federal authorization."  The state COVID-19 information page reports that children's vaccines are already available for children ages 12 years and older, having been updated November 1.  

The public can find COVID-19 vaccine providers at vide this link.  If you need help call the state vaccination hotline:  1-833-VAX-HELP (833-829-4357).  Washington recommends people 18 years old and over to get a booster at least 2 months after their last dose.  Ages 65 years and over should also get a booster.  Other booster shot recommendations can be found here.

Experts in infectious diseases say that COVID vaccinations will not go away soon, that the need for vaccinations is "far from over" according to the Seattle Times story published yesterday.

Rapid coronavirus tests were made available at a recent Seahawks game as people stood in line waiting to get in.  The on-site testing using nose swabs cost $129 and will be available at home games they reported.

Some people are going the "mix and match" route where they first get the Pfizer vaccinations but get the Moderna booster.  It is reported that the mix and match method increased antibody levels 76-fold in 15 days in a small group of volunteers and short-term findings, the Seattle Times reported.  The Pfizer and J7J boosters are full doses while the Moderna is a half dose.

For more information about COVID-19 recommendations go to the Washington State Department of Health COVID-19 pages.

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