Prepping, What Are You Doing To Prep Today?



Prepping.  It's all about prepping according to Prepper Princess on YouTube.

We read how shipping containers at sea are left waiting to be unloaded, because of the mandates there aren't enough staff to unload them.  Merchandise is not being delivered and we're facing at trucker strike with those independent, well-worn faces looking out into the sun, talking about how they're going on strike.  They don't want the vaccine.

We must get ready in case we don't find groceries on the shelves at our local stores the way we are used to.  We must think about the future, will there be a run on toilet paper this week and what we will do about it.

Should we invest our money or save it, or do what we always did, not saving and buying what we don't need, hoping that another day will bring financial riches.  It's always rosier next year...

But in times like these why bother?  If there's nothing to buy at stores with our money, what will we spend it on?  If we no longer have jobs, what will we do to survive?

This brings many questions about how to possibly predict what's going to happen down the road.  Will we still live in our apartments and condos, share our house with another person, or are we lucky enough to own a real home that is an unattached home with a garage?  Remember those?  They aren't around as much these days.  With all the homes going up in Bellevue we should take pictures as these may be bought up by developers, and you know the rest.

What's happening around the country?  Have we had enough yet or are we agreeing with the changes that we see happening almost at lightening speed?  

We've flown over speed bumps at high speed, and we don't remember what it was like to live in America 5 years ago, ten or twenty years ago.  Times have changed.  They've changed so much that they are continually changing now, to the detriment of society - and always making us adapt, adapt, adapt in how we live our lives.  Whose in charge in our country and why are we feeling slammed back and forth like a huge tidal wave has taken over the country?

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