TBZ Asked: Incumbent City Council Candidate Conrad Lee Answered


Photo: Conrad Lee (used with permission)

1) Why did you get involved in Bellevue local politics?

I want to make a difference to better our community.

    2) What do you bring to the Council that Bellevue needs?

    I bring different perspectives and skills. There are many. We can discuss in more details.

      3) What do you hope to do for Bellevue if you are elected?

      I have done a great deal for Bellevue in my 27 years on the City Council. I plan to continue to do the same and much more. There are too many to discuss here.

        4) What are the skills, talents, education and ability that you would bring to City Council?

        Passion to serve, commitment and never give up. Getting things done. Working with people. Making the right choices. Experience. Proven leadership. Too many to discuss here.

          5) Is there anything you can say to Bellevue readers that were not covered in your campaign statement?

          THANK them for giving me the opportunity to serve.

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