TBZ Asked: City Council Candidate Dexter Borbe Answered


Image courtesy: Dexter Borbe campaign

1) Why did you get involved in Bellevue local politics?

There was not a single reason for my decision to run for office; several factors came together at the same time:

- I used to have a big corporate job, and now as a small business owner I long for the intellectual challenge of solving complex problems, such as the ones the city is facing today.

- I noticed that Bellevue has become significantly more unaffordable and unlivable just in the last few years, and it got me thinking about whether our children can grow up and live here.

- So, I decided to run to do something about it. I’ve never run for public office before, but back in Houston when I thought our Homeowner Association expenses were too high I ran for Treasurer to help create transparency and renegotiate our landscaping and water contracts. I’ve had a history of getting involved in matters that I feel I can do something about.

2) What do you bring to the Council that Bellevue needs?

I bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the council. It may sound cliché but I really don’t have any baggage or prior agenda coming into this office. I would like to come with a perspective that is fresh, objective, and oriented towards looking ahead and solving problems.

3) What do you hope to do for Bellevue if you are elected?

I hope to bring a better quality of life to the people of Bellevue while preserving its character. To me, Bellevue’s character as a city is that it is smart, green, economically robust, safe, and diverse. I also want to bring modern solutions and new ideas to some of our existing issues around housing, transportation, and services.

4) What are the skills, talents, education, and ability that you would bring to City Council?

I graduated from MIT and have over 20 years of experience in the corporate world; I bring management skills and strategic thinking to the council. I was a Vice President at a Fortune 500 energy company when I was 38. The first half of my career was in operations management, with a focus on driving out waste and improving outcomes. The second half of my career was in general management and M&A, where I needed to think about the right long-term investments to be successful. This gives me the needed perspectives to work on the issues we need to improve now, and yet keep an eye on where we’re going so that we achieve the right long-term outcomes.

As a former renewable energy executive, I would love to work on our Environmental Stewardship plan. I think Bellevue can be a leader in the environmental space, especially since we all love our proximity to nature and have a well-educated population. I really think that of all cities in the US, Bellevue can pull off the unique combination of being a technological city, and a city in harmony with nature at the same time.

5) Is there anything you can say to Bellevue readers that were not covered in your campaign statement?

Bellevue is going through a period of tremendous growth, and my sense is that it will accelerate in the next few years. I want to make sure that all other aspects of the city’s growth match the growth in business so that Bellevue can remain livable and offer a good quality of life. We can’t pretend that things will be ok if they stay the same as it is now – between Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook alone they will bring 40,000 more workers to a city with a current population of 148,000. Something’s going to give between Housing and Transportation, or even both if we don't do anything.

I’d like to be proactive about addressing those issues before they turn into big problems. This is why I disagree with my opponent who says that things are going well and nothing needs to change.


Dexter Borbe

Candidate - Bellevue City Council Position 2


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