An OPEN LETTER To All Current And Future Bellevue City Council Members Is Submitted By Concerned Bellevue Resident


Image: Pexels

A reader asks questions in an open letter addressed to all current and incoming Bellevue City Council Members.  Topics of concern are affordable housing and public safety.  Will anyone on City Council or newly elected to the City Council address these issues with the public?

1. How can the City claim to support 'affordable housing' when they are giving (seemingly limitless) building permits to contractors like MN Homes to tear down 'affordable homes' to construct $2-4 million homes?

2. Houses that are being torn down 'were' affordable ... great starter homes, single story homes for the elderly and disabled. The houses are NOT that old; could have been remodelled or updated!

3. TAXES are part of the problem #1: The City benefits from 'tear-downs' by making substantially more tax$$ on a $3 million re-constructed home than the older home.

4. TAXES are part of the problem #2: Homeowners and apartment complexes are paying OUTRAGEOUS taxes... that makes it part of the 'affordable housing' problem. A rental owner, for example, just RAISES the rent to cover the increase in taxes! My taxes are almost $10,000/year, and the buck stops here! ... That's almost as much as I paid for my entire mortgage when we bought this house 44 years ago! Let's get creative on alternate ways to increase the tax revenue (I have some suggestions) without affecting 'affordable housing.'

5. Sustainable Environment: I have enjoyed the recycling classes that the City has provided. BUT... how can I take the need to use a bamboo toothbrush seriously (instead of a plastic one) when TRUCK-LOADS of the demolished houses in my neighborhood are going into landfills?

6. "Holistic Approach to Public Safety" ... we *NEED* to STOP the addition of FLUORIDE in our water system! It is *not* the healthful additive we once thought it was!

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