Nutritionist Health Coach followed her passion into holistic in-depth healing and empowerment.


My name is Sachi Sarin.  I am a Nutritionist Health Coach.  My Company, Wellness Mantra, is passionate about helping clients achieve optimum health by encouraging them to develop a healthy relationship with food and feel in control of what to eat. 

I believe in making a custom action plan for each client that supports them in moving forward toward living their best life.  In addition to providing a meaningful coaching experience, I also work with my clients as a mentor and guide who motivates and holds them accountable to achieve their health goals.  I specialize in health issues like metabolic syndrome, thyroid, diabetes, women's health, weight loss, acid reflux.

I help clients change their eating habits and alter their lifestyle in order to make sustainable changes.  I don't support any diets since they provide only temporary benefits and doesn't provide long term benefits.

My brief story is here:

I moved from Delhi, India to Washington, USA in 2019.  I worked as a marketing professional with a multinational corporation before moving to the US.  During these troublesome COVID-19 times, I decided to follow my passion and studied to be a certified health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

During my 20s, I had a severe acne that pushed me toward a healthy lifestyle.  All the medications, especially the antibiotics that I used for my skin, were not only just temporary but also created havoc in my gut that left me constipated for the longest time.  I felt miserable and did not want to go out.  I just sat at home and ate as I did not know the relation between eating right, improving the skin, and feeling better.  To add to my condition, I also developed PCOS, which I found out when I was trying for a baby. 

That was the time I took my health in my own hands and decided to follow a holistic healthy eating, right supplementation, and exercise-based approach to improve my condition.  With this lifestyle change, I not only cured my cystic acne but I was able to cure my PCOS as well and conceive a baby quickly.  Now, I am a big believer of how the right food and nutrition can be used in not only curing a particular disease but also using it as a preventative medication.

I am a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, located in New York, the world’s largest nutrition school.  I have received in-depth training in nutrition, health, wellness, and coaching skills.  I address the root cause of an individual’s imbalance instead of just working on its symptoms and uses lifestyle changes and the right food habits to help regain and maintain optimal health.  I guide clients in removing barriers and creating new healthy habits one step at a time.

Apart from my own practice,  I am currently working with a naturopath in Ohana Wellness Center in Bellevue, where I help clients with their nutrition plans targeted to their health issues.

I feel the value I create in client's life is immense because I help them to achieve good health through the right lifestyle and eating right and looking into their daily life.  They no more feel a slave to nonstop medications and feel empowered that they can change their health for good with right lifestyle and attitude towards life.  In some of my cases doctors are amazed with the changes patients have brought in their own life by working with me.

Here is my website:  Home - Health Coach Sachi in Bellevue, WA

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