Facemask app in store entrances screens to determine whether customers are facemask-compliant.


Image courtesy: MaskCheck www.getmaskcheck.com

A new app called "MaskCheck" determines whether you are wearing a face mask or not and whether you are wearing it correctly.

It scans your face and determines how many persons in the screen are wearing masks and whether they are worn properly.  This app can estimate a persons age and gender.  Facial images or PII data is not collected.

These apps can be used by companies to screen customers entering their businesses.

The audio option can respond to persons with statements thanking them for wearing a mask or asking them to please put on a face mask before entering.

SMS alerts let and administrator know when "an unmasked face is detected."

This data is then collected to be used "by any and all concerned parties under a free creative commons license, Accessed via APIs by anyone in the world."

A repository of public heath data can network "enabled devices and/or closed circuit television (CCTV) systems."

Maps can be created across the country (or world) to indicate facemask compliance.

With mask mandates becoming more talked about with attempts to enforce them on employees such as Gov. Jay Inslee's current mask mandate for health care workers, state employees and school employees, the MaskCheck system and others coming to market it seems we can expect facemask compliance to be with us for a long time to come.

This MaskCheck system will only set a company back $995.00 but to big tech or other health care industries such as hospitals, these may be a bargain.

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