Profile: Heidi Webster, Owner, Amazing Autowoman-Auto Connections Of Bellevue


(Photo courtesy) Heidi Webster. Used with permission.

The Bellevue Zone will do profile stories of local business owners and/or their employees from time to time.  

We start our special business owner stories with a profile about Heidi Webster who owns the company called Amazing Autowoman - Auto Connections Of Bellevue.  

Her website explains that she provides an easy way to buy or lease a car.  Her experience can "save you valuable time, hassle and money."  

Who wouldn't like a service that specializes in finding cars for you at less cost and with less hassle?

Her website says she has "over 4,000 happy clients."  This is supported by her being a recipient of Yelp's "2020 Award" for the number of 5 star reviews she's gotten.

We wanted to learn more.

TBZ asks:  

Please tell us a little bit about your business:

"My service allows an individual or company to purchase or lease a car from their home or office, saving them time and money."

What brought you to the business?

"I wanted to find a business where I could help people. Car buying is very stressful and I eliminate the stress and make the process very pleasant.   I have been helping people purchase and lease cars since 1987."

Can you share how you've helped people by doing what you do? 

"Saved people money and eliminated the stress connected to the car buying process."

If you'd like to look at this service, go to Heidi Webster's website:

or give her a call at (206) 909-2476.

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