Nurse Quit Her Job Due To Having to Provide Female Hormone Injections To Male Inmates In Prison


A registered nurse quit her job at a prison because "I didn't believe in what was going on behind our prison walls." 

She worked at the prison for two-and-a-half years and left about one year ago.  She has kept her license current and hopes to go back to the health care field after the mandates are lifted.

She left her job because of taking care of her mother, but that her work went against her faith.  She also "will not be mandated by our governor to have to have this vaccine in order to hold a job."

Working for 28 years in the health care field, she worked her way up from being a CNA, then a LPN to getting her bachelor's degree as a licensed Registered Nurse.

Most recently, "Annie" (not her real name) worked at Aberdeen's Stafford Creek Corrections Center for men with the capacity of 1,936 inmates, said she was "targeted" at her job because of her beliefs.  She described working overtime and being on her feet so much that she could hardly walk any more.

"They ran my feet off to the point I couldn't walk" she said.  "Because I didn't agree with everything they were doing and I stood out about that because I have that right."

She said she was "degraded" from her R.N. bachelor's-level job and carried a higher degree than her supervisor  who "put her in an LPN position."  Annie didn't agree with the way her supervisor was doing things.

What things didn't she agree with at the prison?

Annie described the men's prison as containing male prisoners with sexually assaultive histories identifying as transgenders and the problems it brings.

Annie said,

"Well I'll tell ya, the biggest thing is that we have got men behind our prison walls in the state of Washington that have molested children, have raped women and now are allowed to "come out" and claim 'I'm a transgender'.  And now, as an R.N. I am forced to give these men female hormone injections."

Annie doesn't believe in giving men female hormone injections because it goes against her faith, moral standards and against her principles.

"I felt like I was living in the devil's den" she said.

Being a Christian she feels that "men do not have a right to go out there and rape women and sexually abuse children and serve time behind bars, and now they have a right to claim, oh, I want to be a woman now. And our taxpayers are paying for this."

Annie didn't believe in giving the hormone injections to men but she did it because it was required as part of her job.

She described being targeted from all angles due to her belief that it was wrong.  She asked, "what kind of slippery slope are we walking?"

When the state came out with the Rape Elimination Act (PREA) so that the prisoners are protected, Annie expressed her anger that the prisoners can claim they are "now a woman", identifying with the population they had sexually victimized.  

Annie said she realized that God  Almighty was who she had faith in and decided that she didn't belong working at the prison any longer.

She said other nurse's were being targeted for not agreeing with what went on there "and they pretty much messed with you until you quit".

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