Redmond Silver Cloud Inn Opposing Views Presented At Redmond City Council Meeting


Protesters showed up carrying signs against drug use and lack of transparency

The Redmond City Council heard members of bring their concerns about The Silver Cloud Inn to house the homeless in Redmond on the edge of Bellevue on 9/7/2021.  Their issues focused on the location being near schools, businesses and residences.  Another location that is better suited to a hotel housing homeless people, some who will use drugs and may be mentally ill with difficult or strange behaviors were of concern.

Lack of transparency about the project with the community was another concern but some expressed that they did not feel that they were being heard by Mayor Angela Birney and the City Council.

A few hecklers showed up and interrupted speakers from who asked that one man be removed.  The Mayor told the audience to "be nice to one another" and that "applause stirs people up".  The man was not removed from the meeting although a few law enforcement officers were seen entering into the council chambers.

Pre-city council meeting. Safe Eastside members begin to meet and talk outside before the meeting started.


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