Another Rally Is Being Planned To Fight The Vaccination Mandate On October 3rd.


Olympia state capitol

The lawsuit filed by the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) appears to have been dropped, according to a September 4 story by

The vaccine mandate will stay in place with state employees being required to be fully vaccinated by October 18th.

It seems nothing much has changed with Gov. Jay Inslee's mandate.  The union has apparently reached an agreement which gives state employees a little extra time to become fully vaccinated.

The union will need to vote on Tuesday to ratify the agreement.

An activist group who is opposing the mandate organized by Hazardous Liberty claims that;

"The state should not have the power to hold your livelihood hostage to your willingness to surrender your bodily autonomy".

The group representative, known as "Tyler", said during a recent meeting;

"This is about; do they have the ability to jab you with chemicals?"

and said the governor has overextended and overreached his emergency powers with his mandates for masks and vaccinations.

The group has expressed that even if a mandated worker gets an exemption for a religious or medical reason, employers may still fire those employees if they cannot accommodate that employee, such as for reasons of "safety".

A call to rally at the state Capitol, including those vaccinated or having an exemption, should show up "en masse" on Sunday, October 3rd, to show the governor the great numbers of people who are against the mandate.

He said;  

"This is not a political left or right issues" 

and that, 

"The only way to stop this from happening and unite together in a show of force so large that they cannot ignore us".

A formal announcement of the rally is expected soon from the group.

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