Flushing Bill Gates' new toilet may help provide clear, clean drinking water to poor countries around the world.


Bill Gates may have hit upon a wonderful way to provide a pleasant toilet experience for many people around the world.

Not having sanitation systems, many countries have no running water or plumbing with flushing toilets.  Many of these people are homeless people living on the streets of Seattle and across the U.S.

On his blog, "GatesNotes", he published a wonderful story; Flush with innovation: 10 years of reinventing the toilet on July 27 this year on his blog.

Working with engineers and other researchers including NASA, a toilet idea has been created whereby toilets use a new system that doesn't need a plumbing system as we know it.

Apparently, what goes into the toilet can be processed into clean drinking water.  Imagine what that would solve in poor countries with little to no clean water.

The blog states; 

Scientists and engineers from across the globe developed hundreds of exciting ideas for how to design toilets that safely process human waste with little or no need for water or electricity. They created toilets that convert feces into valuable resources, including fertilizer, clean water, and electricity.

Gates stated he wants to provide these toilets to countries with large populations in poverty.

He's really got a wonderful idea here that hopefully can be sold at minimum costs to help impoverished populations around the globe.

This could include big city homelessness like those homeless living on the streets in Seattle.

What about providing these toilets in locking units where homeless people could have nicer hygienic spaces to use the toilets and possibly wash up in?  Having a drink of clean, sanitized water would help them survive living on the streets of Seattle and other cities across the U.S.

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