Interview with Heather, a member of Washingtonians to Recall Inslee (video).


The Bellevue Zone had an interview with Heather, a founding member of Washingtonians to Recall Inslee.

She explains that the group filed charges against Governor Jay Inslee with the secretary of state in May, 2021.  The group went to the Superior Court that got denied.

They then appealed to the Supreme Court where the group lawyers have been working on their brief to recall Inslee.  

Heather talked about how jobs have been threatened where she works since July 20th when Bob Ferguson came out with his vaccination mandate that got announced within her office at the Office of the State Attorney General, then Inslee spread his mandate that has grown to include more groups of workers. 

Heather is one of many thousands of state, school and healthcare workers who faces being fired from her job because she is never going to get the vaccination.  

She said she hoped thousands of people would come together "because this has to end because we crossed the line many months ago".  She says that if enough people don't get vaccinated and stand up to the mandate that Inslee and Ferguson might back down.


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