How the public is reacting to Governor Inslee's vaccination mandate.


Rallies are occurring in many areas of Washington state due to the coming possible mass-terminations of state and health employees unless they become fully vaccinated by October 18.

The mandate has expanded to include school staff including school bus drivers, childcare workers as of August 18.

State workers mandated to be vaccinated, Delta strain responds well to Covid-19 vaccine.

The Lynnwood Times took a poll on Twitter asking the question:  Do you agree with @GovInslee to mandate all teachers and staff to be fully vaccinated by October 18 or face termination?  The results were 18.9% yes, and 82.1% no.

The Bellevue Zone is taking it's own poll on Twitter.

People at the rally at the Capitol over the weekend expressed concerns over "medical freedom" and the over-reach of power they felt "King Inslee" imposed on them.  

Treatments for serious health problems show inequity, lacking the free will of the people.

It seems strange that when covid-19 first struck, medical procedures and normal medical appointments were being cancelled so that more people with covid-19 could be treated.  When people were not able to get tested for diseases like cancer or heart disease, their health issues seemed to fall by the wayside.

How has the virus become more important than other serious illnesses?  If part of the population is mandated to get vaccinated, then why hasn't there been a prohibition against cigarettes that has been shown to be carcinogenic?  Why hasn't there been a prohibition against foods that cause obesity and dental diseases, such as potato chips, ice-cream and candy?

If health were the issue but these other issues are left causing deaths, why have vaccinations become of such concern?

The First Amendment, religious beliefs and creating more financial instability

What percentage of the mandated group refuse the jab due to their religious beliefs?  How is it that their religious beliefs can be set aside due to the virus?  Religious beliefs fall under the First Amendment.

It seems to this writer that the line of the First Amendment has been crossed many months ago.

It would seem counter-productive to have state and health workers along with school employees fired for deciding against getting the jab.  How will Governor Inslee handle the large numbers of people who will get fired due to his mandate?

Ramifications could mean that more people will not be able to pay their rent and may lose their homes causing a bigger strain on any emergency services that are available in the state of Washington now.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results...

The power of Governor Inslee's imposing termination on people not wanting the vaccine in certain segments of the population does not seem to be working.  

With all the fear-mongering, censored medical personnel on social media, incorrect information about treatment that could help covid-19 patients, imposing masks for 18-months or more has not convinced great numbers of people to become vaccinated.  The vaccination will continue to be rejected by great numbers of people to the extent that they will face the loss of their jobs.

How does this effect our future with so many still refusing to get the vaccine?  Does Inslee have any plans for those people who may potentially wind up living on the street?   

The Bellevue Zone would like to know why Governor Inslee has decided to require a termination of jobs held by health care workers who have not gotten the jab when they've been considered essential employees in the past?  Are they no longer essential in the face of the Delta variant and how fast it spreads?   Why would Inslee want less healthcare workers on the job?

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The Bellevue Zone welcomes more discussion on the topic of Governor Inslee's vaccination mandate.  If you would like to write a story to see it published on The Bellevue Zone or have a story you'd like to see published by the TBZ please contact us., we would like to hear from you.  

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