A Washington citizen's group working to recall Governor Inslee is preparing to go before the Supreme Court.


A citizen group having filed with the Secretary of State demanding the recall of Governor Jay Inslee are continuing the charge and are preparing to file a brief with the state Supreme Court.  

The group, Washingtonians to Recall Inslee, met with supporters in a Facebook livestream Thursday night where organizers known as CDavis and Alexis provided an update to the group on the status of the recall. 

CDavis, who has been working on the recall for seven months, opened by talking about how during a recent presser, Inslee made statements that were fodder for bringing "grounds for more charges" against him.  

CDavis said;

Recently Inslee came out with another blatantly illegal emergency proclamation when he initially went forth a week-and-a-half ago saying he was going to do this, during his presser he  made a lot of statements which, from our standpoint it seemed really good because he said a lot of stuff that was so far off that we felt, well, that this is the turkey-shoot for some more charges against him, and he must have gotten with his legal staff because he corrected some of those.  However he has not corrected all of them, and so we still have grounds for charges.

So far the recall is bringing five charges against Inslee: malfeasance, misfeasance, violation of his oath of office, violating religious liberty and the separation of church and state.

CDavis went on to say that Inslee was "evasive" about where he would hold a presser on Tuesday because he suddenly changed the venue but the group was able to determine it would be held at the Capitol. 

CDavis described the protesters that showed up at the event.

Yesterday he did another presser and he was rather evasive about it, he was going to do this presser at the Lincoln Elementary School under the guise of not having sufficient security, he decided to move the presser to the Capitol, and fortunately we were able to find that out and we had at least 100 protesters show up at the Capitol.

"During his presser, it was a small crowd but it was very spirited, lots of energy, lots of chanting.  He couldn't help but hear it, very loud, so that's good.  He knew we were there.

Alexis chimed in that there were protesters marching around inside.

CDavis talked about attorney's he has contacted about the recall, one who seemed intimidated by the case and didn't want it to effect his career, but who during a discussion with CDavis about the recent official proclamation by Inslee requiring vaccination for most state employees, health and long-term care workers appeared to hold good points for charges against the governor.

Here is Inslee's news release: 

Inslee issues proclamation requiring vaccination for most state employees, health and long-term care workers

Discussing his stated violation in detail, CDavis informed the group that Inslee's proclamation violates the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) because the ADA does not require documented proof of someone's disability.  Specifically, CDavis said;

There are two notable exemptions in the official proclamation.  One is a medical exemption which by the way Inslee had stated last week that would only be something they would think about considering not something that was guaranteed by law which of course your protections under the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act is protected by the law and by supremacy it is the law over state law.  So as far as medical disability, he says in his official proclamation that the request for accommodation must include documentation - that's the key word - documentation from an appropriate health care or rehabilitation professional authorized to practice in the state of Washington stating that the individual has a disability that necessitates an accommodation and the probable duration of need of the accommodation.

Now that phrase is critical because that absolutely violates every tenant of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Americans with Disabilities Act says that you do not have to prove your disability and you certainly don't have to have it verified, so that phrase essentially invalidates that whole proclamation, at least as far as how he's trying to handle the exemption.  

CDavis said a second point Inslee said violated religious freedom for refusing to take the vaccination.  He pointed out that religion is a very personal belief where;

you are not required anywhere in the United States to disclose your belief to somebody and you're certainly not required to disclose your religious tenants, whatever they may be to obtain your right to free exercise of religion.

CDavis said that these two points "invalidate the whole clause." His personal stance is that he doesn't feel anyone should have to give out personal disability or religious information.

CDavis says Inslee has "provided us with some good meat to really go after him with in round two" and hopes they won't have to go another round after the Supreme Court.  CDavis is talking with attorneys in Bellevue specializing in political law.  He said the attorneys that work on the recall cannot be intimidated but recognized that attorneys "could be destroyed by the AG's office very easily."  

CDavis is looking up attorneys handling cases related to people feeling that their job is in danger due to Inslee's proclamation, and that Angus Lee, Esq. located in Vancouver, Washington is handling a class-action suit against the state.  In his search, CDavis has found a group of other attorneys that are "really good, we've begun speaking with them".  Recently he found a group of attorneys in Bellevue that come highly recommended in political law and he plans to continue discussions with them.

CDavis said there is "strength in numbers" and that sign waving is a very important part of their process in getting the message out.  He said that many long-time residents of Washington state never believed that it was possible to successfully go up against someone like Inslee, but as the message spreads people find that they are not a fringe group, that "this is the norm and we have to show people that it is [the norm]."

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The Bellevue Zone appreciates all community and city or other official's responses to this issue to raise community awareness and discussion. If you have comments, concerns or any further information regarding the recall effort against Governor Jay Inslee, The Bellevue Zone welcomes your comments.  We will be reaching out to the governor's office for comment at a later date and will follow up on this story next week.  Please either comment to this article or contact The Bellevue Zone at thebellevuezone@gmail.com.

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