New Hotel For The Homeless Causes Concerns: Community Group To Speak Up At Redmond City Council Meeting Tomorrow


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The Silver Cloud Inn being slated to house the homeless has been causing concerns by a Bellevue group  who will let Redmond City Council know their views about it at tomorrow's Redmond City Council Meeting.

The Safe Eastside group has a call to action for residents to show up at tomorrow's Redmond City Council meeting, August 17th, to voice their comments about their concerns, such as use of drugs and / or alcohol in the hotel.  Another concern is the "lack of transparency" in buying the hotel and using it to house the homeless.  

The Safe Eastside website posted; "Community were completely left in the dark of the transaction" after people attended the August 9th Redmond City Council meeting.

The Bellevue Zone had questions about Safe Eastside's call to action for people to show up at Redmond City Council's meeting tomorrow to express their views, and was able to get additional information about the group and what they are about.

Kan Qiu is a resident of Bellevue who agreed to answer some questions about the group.  Here are TBZ's questions and Qiu's answers:

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TBZ: What affiliation do you have with Safe Eastside? How did you get involved with Safe Eastside?

KQ: Safe Eastside is a grassroots group. Like others, I am just one member of this grassroots group.

TBZ: Tell me about what Safe Eastside is about and why they were created (if you know) and approximately when they came into being?

KQ:  A little over 2 weeks ago, many of us learned about the Redmond HtH hotel l, not from the city, but from social media. We tried to contact both Redmond and Bellevue city officials, and wanted to have transparency and community input. When it became apparent that the community was not involved, we decided to be more organized, and Safe Eastside was formed a little over one week ago.

TBZ: What is your understanding of the Redmond Health Through Housing (HTH)?

KQ:  There are still many unanswered questions. So far we know that drugs will be allowed in the building, no paid security on site.

TBZ: What are your views about the Redmond Health Through Housing (HTH) opening a hotel (Silver Cloud Inn) for the homeless in Redmond?

KQ:  It might be a great idea, but could have devastating consequences if it proceeds like this without neighborhood input. We are not opposing helping homeless people get back on their feet and transition out of homeless. However, given the hotel’s close proximity to schools and residential area, we also want to make sure it is safe for people in the neighborhood. We think its tenants should pass background checks, child abusers, pedophiles, or any kind of sex offenders should not be allowed to live there. And it should be a drug free building. We certainly do not want drugs get into the hands of our little ones.

TBZ: What steps are you involved in in taking action through Safe Eastside? What do you hope to accomplish?

KQ:  I contacted county and city officials, involved in organizing people to attend council meetings and give public comments. I hope the county and city can sit down and hold meetings with the community, and work out a solution that will make this hotel successful in the long run. It is a red flag whenever the cities do not want to engage a conversation with people. If it is truly a great idea and wonderful solution to the region’s homeless issue, why don’t they want to talk to people?

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Update: Someone yanked out the sign and left it laying on the ground a few hours after this story was published.

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The Bellevue Zone appreciates all community and city or other official's responses to this issue to raise community awareness and discussion.  If you have comments, concerns or any further information regarding the hotel or the homeless situation in or near Bellevue, The Bellevue Zone welcomes your comments.  Please either comment to this article or contact The Bellevue Zone at

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